Adventure Event: 1st Annual Downtown Upright Bicycle Ride


1st Annual Downtown Upright Bicycle Ride


The sound of New York City is almost always associated with the huffs and puffs of traffic congestion, which echoes non-stop out of the caverns of its skyscraper buildings. Even though Manhattan’s original city plan was modeled after the city of Amsterdam – where the main form of transportation is on two wheels – the Big Apple’s streets are hardly known for being as bicycle-friendly as its European counterpart’s. However, today, more and more green bike lanes are being designated throughout the city and the number of non-messenger cyclists is on the rise.

George, the owner of Hudson Urban Bicycles, and one the main promoters of upright bike culture, is partnering with Bicycle For A Day and PUMA Bikes to organize and host a communal bike-ride cruise through downtown Manhattan, this Saturday, Sept. 18th, 201o. Bicyclers are to meet at Hudson City Bicycles at 4PM, as the ride will start at 5PM sharp! The twilight ride hopes to encourage a “upright biker, upright citizen,” mentality, George explains.

Riders are encouraged to dress up and meet at Hudson Urban Bike’s West Village location, this weekend, to support the cause and promote a bike-friendly city mentality. A free BBQ, following the ride, will held at Hudson Urban Bikes and will encourage participants to meet their fellow New York City cyclers.

I will be documenting the event this Saturday as I ride along on my little yellow bike. This will be a great way for tourists and New Yorker’s alike to experience the city in a completely new way. Hudson Urban Bicycles has many bikes for rent, by hourly or daily rates, and can accommodate most ages and sizes.


Twilight Bike Route


Who: Hudson Urban Bicycles.

What: 1st Annual Downtown Upright Bicycle Ride! Bike-lovers of the City Unite!

When: Sept. 18th, 2010 (Saturday). Meet at 4PM, the ride starts at 5PM sharp!

Where: The group will meet at Hudson Urban Bicycles, located at 139 Charles St. (and Washington Street) New York, NY.

Why: Why not?! Fall is officially here, so enjoy the lingering rays of sun and see the city in a way you have never have before. The scenic ride through NYC’s downtown tree-lined streets will  remind you that there is nature in the city!

RSVP: to Free food & drink for the first 125 riders to RSVP!

Sponsored Listing: $100 off the purchase of any PUMA Bike.

I’ll be there! Join me!



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