Event: Taschen Book Release Party – “75 Years of DC Comics: The Art of Modern Mythmaking.”

Ok, our girl Megan W. came through again. She is our eyes and ears in the Art/ Publishing world and got us – Indefinite Transit and some of our entourage – into what is looking to be a very promising Taschen Party. They are infamous, Megan tells us, and always worth going to. This party, … Continue reading

Indefinite Outfits: Flannels and Stapled Jeans, 5th Avenue by Washington Square Park.

I was biking down 5th Avenue when I saw this guy walking down the street. I actually stopped, got off my bike, and approached him for his photograph. His color palette fits right in with that of Washington Sq. Park’s fall leaves and I love his use of layering. His chest tattoo is pretty cool … Continue reading

Entrepreneur Q&A: Zachariah Bayber Stevens on Sharing and Making Ideas Happen.

Interview with Entrepreneur Zachariah Bayber Stevens. Graduating from Berkeley Business School in 2008, Stevens currently works as a marketing manager for a tech start-up called Watchitoo Inc. that provides the first real-time web-based collaboration platform. The helped NBC screen their 2010 Election coverage this past Nov. 2nd. online. 1. Q: What makes you an Entrepreneur? … Continue reading

Fashion: Indefinite Transit Outfit of the Day, Inspired by Bryant Park.

Today I had “business” lunch with my good friend Zachariah Bayber Stevens at Bryant Park. Apart from working on Indefinite Transit’s business plan, we enjoyed  some salads from Hale and Hardy Soups and watched the ice skaters on the seasonal ice ring. When they start popping up all over town, you know the Holidays are … Continue reading

Fashion in the City: Modeling like its Nobody’s Business on Broadway and Houston.

Fashion update! Today biking along Houston towards Sullivan Street, we spotted a lovely looking woman standing on the street all done up from head to toe. This is New York City, so at first we thought maybe it was an eccentric woman?

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