DO GOOD: WE GOOD! You are Cordially Invited….To do a great thing! #WEGOODWEDNESDAYS

My friend Colin Harris-McTigue + and friends are organizing an amazing monthly fundraiser – and what will surely also be an amazing monthly party – to raise money for Danilo, the pizza boy at Gnocco (on E 1oth in b/w Ave A & B) who needs an opertation!…..and the kick-off event is tomorrow at No … Continue reading


Travels: KLM; Amsterdam now, Manhattan Bound Next!

Pic 1: My favorite new airline. Pic 2: So fancy, 2 entrances. Pic 3: Shit, yo! Flights’ empty! Guess I get to stretch out again! I will have a full report of my Amsterdam (I also went to London, so that too!) travels and dining recommendations as soon as I get back to NYC. Lies, … Continue reading

The Beginning of the Past: Amsterdam.

So I am in Amsterdam, NL on business. Errkkkkkkkk— stop, rewind— I know it has been a WHILE since I last posted. But now, I am back and I have a LOT to share with you guys! Indefinite Transit is officially branching off from NYC and I am going to start sharing my international adventures/visuals/debacles/tips/debauchery … Continue reading

Men & Ladies in Uniform – Downtown Manhattan Action

The other day I saw these blue-uniformed men and women, almost solemnly, making their way even further downtown in the Financial District, protesting for, – from what I gathered from the Police officer manning the cross-walk – were higher wages and benefits. I will say, this was more of a march than a protest. They … Continue reading


At the end of the day – celebration, or no celebration – Wechsler’s is a place to sit down with an ice-cold beer in one hand and a dripping, pungent currywurst dish in the other.

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