Passover -> Good Friday -> Easter.

Happy Holidays!! Here is a series of mis-mashed images taken over time to reflect my mood this morning. Some are from New Orleans, LA; some are from a trip up to Mammoth Mountain, CA; One is of a late night puddle/ make-shift experiential art piece in Washington Sq. Park; A couple of  beach/sky scapes from … Continue reading

Great Artist; Great Opportunity – The Spring Print Sale is On!

One of my favorite photographers – and a guest on the upcoming 1st episode of Indefinite Transit – Michael M. Koehler is having a print sale of his beautiful Black & White photographs and it is happening now. Go this site to purchase some of his beautiful works of art!  Michael M. Koehler Print Sale. … Continue reading

Ok, We’ve Had Some Work Done…And WE LIKE IT! Check out our New Banner! ALSO: WE PRESENT TOMORROW! YIKES!

….OR…. Tomorrow we are presenting at the 37th Annual Dean’s Undergraduate Research Conference at NYU. Our presentation is titled: “Indefinite Transit – A Multi-Media Adventure,” — Yes, it’s ALL about this ‘ere blog, which will soon become a travel show! Yay! We are presenting at the conference because the lovely DURF (Dean’s Undergraduate Research Fund) … Continue reading

Some Pretty Little Updates: ‘Love Me,’ Logo, and Little Cherry Blossoms.

Here are some images that describe how I feel right now: I need a drink from this bar…..   ……I want somebody to love me ;)….. ……I want to finally publish this logo (!)…..   ……and I want – as the Cherry Blossoms are promising – for Spring to finally come, aka, STOP RAINING. K, … Continue reading

Thank You Guys!! 3,000 All Time Views! Let’s Make it 3,500 by Next Week ;)

Danke Schön!!!! Gracias!! Obrigada!! Merçi les enfants!!!! Thank you all so much!! Now let’s keep going! Come visiting back for more posts! As I referenced in my last post, I am very busy editing the content for the upcoming travel show! Yes – video – lots and LOTS of video on some of the (I … Continue reading

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