All of the Lights….& Holiday Travels.

I love when the city starts to get decked out with holiday decorations. This photo makes me think of Kanye West’s new song: “All of the Lights.” Maybe it’s because I’ve been playing it on repeat. Regardless, this photo + Kanye’s song makes a great Indefinite Transit Moment…… So nice! The beauty almost makes it … Continue reading

Entrepreneur Q&A: ZeShan Malik, Co-founder and Creative Director of Melee Media.

A little business; a little creativity…. that is what we like here at Indefinite Transit. We sat down and talked to ZeShan Malik, a young entrepreneur (he is 25 years old! Impressive, no?), who started his own company this past summer. Malik – co-founder and Creative Director of Melee Media – describes his agency as … Continue reading

An Indefinite Transit Observation: Cold Changes Light.

I’ve decided to categorize this post under Arts & Culture because I don’t seem to have a category called ‘Slightly Excestential,’ which is what I think this post will kind of become, haha. I want to start doing some more of these Indefinite Transit Observations. Hipstamatic App on the iPhone. Lens: Jimmy; Film: Ina’s 1969. … Continue reading

Pre-Winter Fashion: Here’s to Warmer Days…

Now don’t get me wrong – I LOVE WINTER FASHION. All year long, I look forward to creating different outfits by playing around with layering, boots, scarves, cashmere, fur… I really do love it. BUT, when you wake up in the morning and it’s 26 degrees, – with a possible high of a whopping 34 … Continue reading

Book Launch Follow-up: Taschen Party – DC Comic Recap!

So, the Thanksgiving Holiday had its way with me and this post is coming a bit late, but it’s still good stuff. Super Heroes are still very in. Tee hee hee. To remind you guys, this Taschen party was honoring Paul Levitz’s new book, “75 Years of DC Comics: The Art of Modern Mythmaking.” It … Continue reading

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