What Took You So Long To Find Camel Cheese?

I found the video for the NYC Camel Cheese Event! Watch it! What Took You So Long To Find Camel Cheese?, posted with vodpod

Event: NYC Camel Cheese Club

    So you hear “camel cheese” and you say, wait what?!! I know. But this is actually a really cool event. My friend Sebastian Lindström and his crew have made a documentary about camel cheese production in areas of the world that are primarily nomadic. Diving into cheese culture, the team has traveled through … Continue reading

Q & A with an Entrepreneur – Barry Pousman

For my Entrepreneurial Journalism class we have to interview a number of Entrepreneurs and ask them questions about how to do business. Barry Pousman for some tips about how to make Indefinite Transit the best it can be. As the Lead Video Editor for RocketBoom.com, Pousman  knows what does and doesn’t work on the web, … Continue reading

Astor Place Fashion Update

Ok, SO now I know what is going on. I found out via twitter and my man on the street that Astor Place is hosting the first ever unveiling of its eBay Fashion LookBook, which according to Guest of a Guest, is its “first ever shoppable, shareable digital style gallery.” The event is in collaboration … Continue reading

Breaking Fashion News!

I just got word that there is a fashion show/ make up give away happening right NOW – 12PM Tuesday, 21st, 2010 – in Astor Place. Apparently they are still in the set-up stages, but preparations for a professional photo-shoot seem to be taking place. I am currently not on the streets, but I will … Continue reading

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