Ayiii People! The Sample Sales (Part Deux) Are Out! Via: Daily Candy!

Check out these NYC June Sample Sales before they are gone! Daily Candy always delivers! Biggies like ALexander Wang, Pamela Roland, and Elle Macpherson Intimates on saaaale! And many more:

Indefinite Outings: Nicholas Forker’s Astronaut on Rag & Bone’s Art Wall – Photos & Video.

Today we wanted to draw attention to a mural by artist Nicholas Forker, illustrating his astronaut sitting on a couch outside of the Rag & Bone store, on East Houston and Elizabeth Street, on the border of Soho area becomes and the Lower East Side. Nicholas Forker is no stranger to Indefinite Transit; he was … Continue reading

Indefinite Shopping: The Daily Candy Summer Sample Sales are out! And these are going to be a Douzy! Diane von Furstenberg, Opening Ceremony and more!

Daily Candy is a great resource that I love to tell me what is going on in terms of fashion, beauty, and some around town happenings. Their email updates are short and sweet and every once in a while can be life changing – I mean, I don’t know what I would have done if … Continue reading

You Guyzzzzz!! I lovezzz Youzzzz!!!!! Gracias!!!

We Broke 5,000 views!!!!!! Thank you!!! This means we doubled our views-per-month, and tripled our views-per-day! Thank you so much and keep reading!!!! And follow us on twitter!!!

Indefinite Transit Outfit of the Week: Corner of Lafayette and Broome. It’s all about the Pants….

So I died when I saw this outfit. First of all, the woman wearing it exuded so much elegant confidence it was like she had her own chill swagger going on, but zero pretentious. Secondly, this woman’s figure is the essential form for this particular outfit. She knows how to dress her body and rock … Continue reading

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