Event: NYC Camel Cheese Club


NYC Camel Cheese Club


So you hear “camel cheese” and you say, wait what?!!

I know. But this is actually a really cool event. My friend Sebastian Lindström and his crew have made a documentary about camel cheese production in areas of the world that are primarily nomadic. Diving into cheese culture, the team has traveled through Mongolia and the Stans – mainly Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan, documenting this cheesy process, and learning the nutritious and healing components of camel cheese.

The filming team – Alicia Sully, Sebastian Lindström, Philippa Young, and their crew in Mongolia and China, Patrick Bostrom, Sebastian Bond, and Fabian Wittleben – who are better known as the “What Took You So Long Foundation” (check out their website), say their mission is to make people to respect the cheese!

According to the team, camel milk is the closest in comparison to human breast milk, in terms of the nutrients it offers. The team has prepared a great promo video for their documentary. To see it go to their KICKSTARTER page where they are also raising money for their cause. Click here for the video. Watch it; it’s a seriously good video – I wish I could embed it in my site!

Today, Wednesday Sept. 29th, the team will be hosting an event – which I helped plan – at Blind Barber, a Twenties-era speak-easy in the East Village; E. 10th Street and Ave B, to be exact. The event kicks off at 8PM and will go until 11PM. The team literally touches down in NYC today, and wants everyone to join them for an amazing evening as they return from the first leg of their search for camel cheese.

For more cheese info, see you after the jump!……

The event will feature a tasting of authentic camel cheese (which at this point has been smuggled across countless international borders), courtesy of the dedicated documentary team. The cheesy goodness will be accompanied my some new signature cheese-inspired cocktails, conjured up especially for this event by the talented Blind Barber bar men.

There will be a $5 cover to raise money for the next leg of the team’s documentary, which will be added to their KickStarter page. But there are prizes involved! The team still wants to make their way over to Morocco, Mauritania, Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Lebanon, Dubai, Turkmenistan, India. So, basically they need $$ to make this happen. But it’s for camels, so it’s a good cause, right?!

DJ Eric Larin will be spinning, Max Lakner will be documenting the scene (with his paparazzo flash), and musical performers are set to sing some cheese-inspired acoustic melodies.

Who knew cheese could be so inspiring?! Wait, it gets better…..

Also, right BEFORE the Blind Barber Event there will be a Pre-Event cheese gathering at the Barnyard Cheese Shop just around the corner at 149 Avenue C! It should be starting at 6 or 6:30PM.

For more information, check out the event’s Facebook page.

Trust me guys, this one is worth going to. I know a good party when I see one – especially when I planned it 😉 !

Come for the cheese!



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