Adventure in BK! Sat, Oct. 9th – Brooklyn Flea Market.


Brooklyn Flea Market


Hey guys!

Very fun plan for today to take advantage of the amazing and beautiful weather this weekend!

The Indefinite Transit team (myself and my dedicated videorgrapher Leon Huang) is going to shoot a pilot at the Brooklyn Flea Market today and we are very excited. We are going to get a feel for the place and concentrate specifically on our friends at the Porchetta stand, who serve up their famous Italian pork sandwiches there every Saturday.  We will be there Saturday Oct. 9th from 11Am-2:30PM.

The Market, which will have vendors selling items from food to old silver


Porchetta: 110 E. 7th Street, East Village.


forks, will be open from 10AM-5PM, but we are going to concentrate on what the people at Porchetta do when they are not at their E. 7th Street store-front in Manhattan’s East Village.

I wrote an article on Porchetta a while back and I have yet to post it, but it will be coming soon! Maybe even with a snazzy video! Stay tuned for the full story!

Lets get the logistics straight: The Brooklyn Flea Market is located in Fort Greene, at 176 Lafayette Ave (btw. Clermont + Vanderbilt Ave.)


A/C to Lafayette Ave.
G to Clinton/Washington Ave.
2/3, 4/5, B/D/Q, M/N/R to Atlantic Ave.-Pacific St
Get subway directions via Hopstop

B69/B38/B52 to Vanderbilt/Lafayette/Greene Ave.

From 278 West/BQE, take Exit 31 (Kent/Wythe Avenue), then take Park Ave. to Vanderbilt Ave., turn left and drive 4 blocks to the Flea. (Street parking available.)

Porchetta’s stand is E15, so go there for the amazing eats. Here is what their sandwiches look like:


Yummy Porchetta Sandwich and Cooking Greens


They are beyond amazing. Porchetta the restaurant, makes porchetta the typical Italian street food, as authentically as possible.

The pork is seasoned with a special fennel salt mix (which they also sell in little tin cans) and is then slow roasted to perfection, achieving a great textural variety: every sandwich gets some soft loin and crispy ends in it. Yumm! It is all served on a Sullivan St. Bakery cibatta loaf, which makes it a very well-rounded sandwich. In an untraditional for purist porchetta afficionados, I like to add a little extra virgin olive oil to give the dish some moisture. Matt Lindenmulder, co-owner of Porchetta hooks it up. He will be the one working the Market tomorrow, so we’ll get him on film as well!

For more information on the BK Flea Market and its vendors, click on its web page here.

See you guys there!



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