Breaking News/Adventure(?): C4 Military-Grade Explosives Found in the East Village

So, Indefinite Transit is not really meant to be a breaking news forum, but because our home is in Manhattan’s East Village, we couldn’t resist.


CNN Breaking News. Excuse the quality – photo taken on the iPhone.


According to CNN, a black garbage bag with 8 bricks of C4 military-grade explosives were just found along the back fence of  the New York Marble Cemetery in the East Village, located at E. 2nd Street and in between 1st and 2nd Avenues. NYPD Police Commissioner Ray Kelly  is commenting on it right now, and they have said that no wires were found, as in no detonators were rigged up. Specialists are trying to figure out why the explosives were there and who they belonged to. CNN is saying right now that a caretaker at the cemetery found these bricks that had been dug up last spring and had just been sitting there, slightly buried in the ground. Apparently there was a note found on a police car signed by “Jesus Christ,” saying ” I sure hope you find these,” according to CNN. It is not confirmed if the letter was connected to the explosives.

What is important is that this cemetery was hosting the 8th Annual openhousenewyork (OHNY) Weekend was being held this past weekend, Oct. 9th-10th, 2010. Certainly an attraction to a lot of people. A connection to this event has not been established, but an increase in crowds and explosives could certainly stipulate a connection.

Go to this blog, ” The EV Grieve” to see what the cemetery looks like when the bomb squad is not surrounding it.



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