Art Event: Mary McDonald “Interiors: The Allure of Style” Book Party


Interiors, in a city like New York, are often more telling than the external vistas we get street-side. Sure, the character of a nice Fort Greene, or West Village walk-up on a tree-lined street, or the façade of a swanky Upper East Side Brownstone will say something about the people who inhabit them, but how a New Yorker transforms his or her personal space – well, that is when the real personalities start to come out.

Mary McDonald

That said, many people pay other people with better aesthetic and sharper spacial intelligence to do the hard interior expression of personality work for them. One of those people, of the latter sect who get paid to do this is Mary McDonald. McDonald, a Los Angeles-based Interior Designer – who’s designs have graced the pages of Town & CountryVerandaHouse BeautifulDominoHouse & Garden and International Vogue – is having her first book, MARY MCDONALD: INTERIORS, The Allure of Style, published this month by Rizzoli.

Bridget Gless Keller

To celebrate this endeavour, West Coast-based, Bridget Gless Keller and East Coast-based, Ashley McDermott

Ashley McDermott

of the philanthropic, entrepreneurial, and social sect – are teaming together to host a Book release party for the newly published McDonald. These types of parties are important for the publishing world because they cost much less than a full-fledged ad campaign and get the word out to the target audience of the publication at hand. While the world of print publication is certainly changing (Indefinite Transit’s editor [me] knows this all to well as she is currently in Journalism School at NYU), it is not to say that print is dead.

Print publication will continue to exist in niche sectors where beautiful and tangible (!) quality is still appreciated and desired. I cannot think of something more niche than the personal aesthetic portfolio of a designer like McDonald. A perfect way for McDonald to show present and future clients what her artistic vision is all about, this book is sure to be a launching pad for her growing business. We at Indefinite Transit laude her for being a female entrepreneur and getting her book published – a great accomplishment, these days more than ever.

Bill Cunningham prefers his bike just like us.

This party will be tonight in the Upper East Side of Manhattan and Indefinite Transit will report back the scoop tomorrow. These events do tend to attract a certain crowd, which in this case will probably be Upper East Side ‘socials’ (we like this word better than ‘socialites’), and people in the design, publishing, and photography world. We heard a rumor that Bill Cunningham – renowned street-fashion photographer for The New York Times (among many other publications) – will be there. We hope he wears his signature blue jacket! There is a great  Q&A with him on WWDEYE – The, Women’s Wear Daily’s online blog.

We will document the people, the book, and all the Indefinite Transit outfits we see!



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