Art Event: Mauro Bonacina Opens at the Charles Bank Gallery

Artist: Mauro Bonacina

Indefinite Transit loves having friends in the know – our Art/ Gallery Correspondent, Megan W., just made our Wednesday night all the better. This week, Italian-born, British-raised Mauro Bonacina unveiled his newest body of work, titled: “NEW YORK.USA.10.27.2010.18:00,” at the newly opened Charles Bank Gallery, located in the Lower East Side, on the Bowery.  The Charles Bank Gallery’s sophomore show, which will be on view until December 5th 2010, was celebrated last night with an assortment of art types, friends and family, and Lower East Side scenesters.

Indefinite Transit popped over to the event to check it out. A mix of painting, sculpture, installation, performance, all come together in Bonacina’s primarily minimalist work. Working in mixed mediums, Bonacina rejects being placed into any one mold.

Things we learned:

1. The artist made all of the art on view in the gallery two-weeks prior to the show’s opening (it’s part of his process).

2. All the works are titled by the date on which they were made.

3. The artist creates his works exclusively in white Calvin Klein skivvies (there is a performance aspect to his oeuvres; he turns into an alter-ego, if you will.)

*A much more in-depth, follow-up interview with the artist will appear on Indefinite Transit in a couple of days. Check back to see what the artist has to say on: inspiration – he doesn’t like the word; why he doesn’t like to explain his work; and what the meaning behind the near-naked painting get-up is all about – we think Calvin Klein should just feature him in an Ad or Billboard already (look to the pictures after the jump; you’ll see why). Next European Marky Mark? Maybe. 🙂

Here is some of what we saw:

Mauro Bonacina, New York. USA. 10.13.2010. 11:32, 2010


Someone stepped on the piece and blew a fuse.


Free-flowing wine is one of the nice things about Gallery Shows. Our beautiful Megan W.

Performance piece. Bonacina alter-ego + Calvin Klein skivvies.


Follow Megan....

Champagne Bath Tub.

These are probably my favorites.

Atmosphere + Megan.

Which do you guys prefer? I believe the red one already sold.

The scene.

Mauro Bonacina.

Back upstairs. Broken Mirror.

Eye Patch.

Spray painted flower stencils.

Perspective. Depth.

Full Frame: Look at me.

Mauro Bonacina ushers everyone out to the afterparty across the street.

Bonacina currently resides in London.




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