Love this! Shout out to our Boy Jeff Laub and his Featured Interview and Stylings on DKNY Times!

Ladies and Gentlemen: The Blind Barber's Jeff Laub.

Jeff Laub is a friend and inspiration for Indefinite Transit – hell, all of the boys at the Blind Barber are. Remember, we covered them back in May:

Which is why we love to see Jeff’s particular brand of swagger featured on something as cool as DKNY Times (That’s Donna Karen New York people!) where Jeff was asked to contribute stylings for the DKNY + StyleCaster’s:  “Something New York,” which features guest stylings of cool NY’ers, a group of which Jeffy dear is certainly a part of. As you can see (in the above video) Jeff’s swagg has rubbed off on us too!

Check out the video:

Look out for Jeff!

These are the looks that the five chosen “cool + real NY’ers” came up with:

They also featured a cool interview with Jeff. Read and learn about what NYC really means to him and how it is his main source of inspiration for work and play:

..... Click on this excerpt to read more! ......

Or on this link for the full Article!

Go to for more, or click on the photo below!:

For more on and about the Blind Barber, go to their website,, or click on the picture below:

Or, stop in for a cut, shave, or drink – oh and a conversation – (or all of the above) at The Blind Barber, located on 339 E. 10th Street and Ave. B. (Just on the corner of Tompkins Sq. Park) in NYC's East Village.

You can also follow Jeff/ The Blind Barber’s tweets: @BlindBarberNYC AND read Jeff/ The Blind Barber’s blog: “Another Day @ The Blind Barber.”

Peace! We wish Jeff and his Lass a safe trip out West – yes, he’s headed to the Pacific’s banks to deliver the West Coast some Blind Barber fun! We will be seeing him there next!

[All photographs are courtesy of DKNY’s website and the Blind Barber’s Website.]


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