Emilie Sobels….The Bestie From Amsterdam; and Updates!

I love my buddie Emilie Sobels and I am so happy that I got to have her here visting from Amsterdam, where she lives and works. She was here for about eight days for NYC’s 2011 Fashion Week representing her company, Fashiolista, which is one of the fastest internationally growing fashion communities in the world, where you can “love” fashion goods and then, with a click of the mouse, put your money where your mouth is and actually purchase the item through their “find it here” tab; basically it’s a really good and ingenious product that engages social networking, affiliate marketing, and click-through revenue in one of the most user-friendly, it-doesn’t-feel-like-shopping, kind of ways. And it’s fun – pretty much like Facebook for Fashion.

There were some fabulous fashion-week phrases: “When in doubt, wear red….” – one of Emilie Sobels’ favorite quotes.  But she didn’t doubt, so she didn’t wear red. But just in case, now you know… I also asked her about this double watch trend I saw going around on some of the blogs and she says to me, “Oh, well, I did that last season.” Ok, well, then looks like we’re not doing it, haha!

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Indefinite Transit planned Emilie an amazing party for Fashiolista’s NYC NYFW get-together at the Blind Barber. (Indefinite Transit has a wonderful episode on Blind Barber; watch it here.) I will post official photos from the Fashiolista Party soon.

I love my Emilie. Now that she is gone and back to Amsterdam, it makes me so sad! I can’t wait till she comes again!

Now Indefinite Transit turns back to some other very important matters. Emilie is a girl of many talents and she is helping us revamp our website and business cards, so I will post those designs when they are finished! (Very, very soon!) You will all see the updates to the site when they go live, but we will do a special post announcing them as well.

We also now turn our attention back to editing our Africa documentary – It is something we are very excited about and hope to be finished with in a month’s time.(Yay!) Today we will be doing footage screenings all day long and editing photos, which I will try to publish very soon! We are looking forward to getting deep in this editing process because we are so very proud of the footage we shot and the people we met along the way. More than anything, Indefinite Transit wants to bring all this to our Indefinite Transitors as soon as possible!

So, with that in mind, we are off for now! Have a great Monday!




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