Who Loves Oktoberfest?! I Do!!

As someone who has been to the real thing in Munich, I can tell you that any manifestation of this German holiday is not be miss out on! Scrounger up some Lederhosen and Dirndls, and make a drunken day of it! Head to Brooklyn this Sunday, Sept. 19th, for the adventure and make believe you … Continue reading


Attention people: Istanbul is coming to Manhattan! This weekend kicks off “Turkish Days in New York 2010,” a FREE annual Festival organized by the Turkish Cultural Center of New York. This year the Festival will bring a multitude of Turkish attractions across the city, but what I am really excited about this year is the … Continue reading

Arts & Culture: Who Doesn’t Love Mexico?!!

    Buenos Dias todos!! Something you might not know about me is that my father, Ferro Pagliai, was born and raised in Mexico. While his family is fully Italian – which therefore leaves me without a drop of Mexican blood in my veins – I certainly feel part culturally Mexican. Luckily for me – … Continue reading

Adventure Event: 1st Annual Downtown Upright Bicycle Ride

    The sound of New York City is almost always associated with the huffs and puffs of traffic congestion, which echoes non-stop out of the caverns of its skyscraper buildings. Even though Manhattan’s original city plan was modeled after the city of Amsterdam – where the main form of transportation is on two wheels … Continue reading

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