Men & Ladies in Uniform – Downtown Manhattan Action

The other day I saw these blue-uniformed men and women, almost solemnly, making their way even further downtown in the Financial District, protesting for, – from what I gathered from the Police officer manning the cross-walk – were higher wages and benefits. I will say, this was more of a march than a protest. They had no signs and I first I thought it was a funeral, or just belated 9/11 memorial activities, but it became clear that they were not. I believe, given the uniforms, these people are pilots, but I can’t be sure. Given all of the protesting going on right now in Downtown New York, I felt these photographs were timely and so I decided to post them. Read about those protests here. You can see that a lot of people on the street were watching the procession – it was at least 200 uniformed people walking. The Police man at the crosswalk held the traffic back for at least 3-4 red and green light successions to let everyone cross. Surprisingly, there were very few car horns that protested, as if New Yorkers were giving their blessing.

What have you guys been seeing in the Financial District?










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