Valentine’s Day: Avoiding Last Minute Stress. Get Your Thigh-High’s Under Control!

To all my ladies: If you are anything like me, this Valentine’s day is your first ever REAL Valentine’s day and you have been preparing for a week and a half for the events going down later this evening. Even if you “don’t care” about Valentine’s day…. Or “think you don’t care” about Valentine’s day…… You probably do care about Valentine’s day. Sorry to break it to you.

My problem is that I haven’t been able to find thigh-high stockings for garter belts under $15, that still look nice. I’ve already spent enough time and $$$ on a very nice get-up, AND went to the trouble of hair removal, but the outfit just winter be complete with out these tights.

Regardless that your friends tell you, “He’s not going to notice!” You and me both know that we will be noticing. The truth is that Valentine’s day is a much more self-centered holiday that people like to accept…… The chocolates and flowers – that’s so the guy (or girl) can reassure themselves that they are being a good partner. The lingerie – that’s so the girl (or guy) can get validation for looking good in lace.

So the right tights are a BIG DEAL. At least for me. And if you are like me, then for you too.

Lets face it, they are probably going to snag, and even though you might lust over Agent Provocateur’s fantastic selection of leg-wear, I frankly can’t bring myself to spend $50+ on anything nylon that probably won’t last the night. It’s not that they are poorly constructed — no, I just am very hard on my tights and ripping and snagging happens on a daily basis. The $3.99 pack-of-three box at Duane Reade is my friend.

But thigh-highs are a different story. They are hard to find and usually expensive.

Good thing is I just found a pair for $3.99 at Daffy’s on Broadway and Broome St.

They are technically stay-ups, but they don’t have the plastic border, so they should work perfectly with my garters. They have a little lace-action going on along the border which is nice. If you are in a pinch, stop looking and just go to Daffy’s. Hopefully it will save you a bit of stress!

These are the “Seven ‘Till Midnight” brand.


Happy V-Day!!!!

Nice Price!


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