Fine Art & Waterfronts: The Armory Show Comes to Town.

From March 3rd – 6th, New York City’s West Side Waterfront will be teaming with art lovers and art net-workers alike, to celebrate March 2011’s Armory Show. Opening night for special guests was Wednesday, but the show opens tonight(!) for the general public – for $20 a ticket – and goes on through Sunday.

The annual event, which has attained international attention along its eleven-year span, transforms Piers 92 & 94 into an art destination, making it one of the most important fine art fairs of the 20th and 21st Centuries. The downtown piers are already home to a good part of NYC’s art scene, in Chelsea – more specifically, but the “Hell’s Kitchen Piers,” around 55th Street, where the Armory takes place, is a fitting neighborhood for the Armory to take place… because, well….piers are just cool. (In my humble opinion.)

The city is a-buzz when the Armory is in town; at least 20 of the coolest people I know are going.  And this year I am going to miss it! Worst, is that I have never been. So, I pray you Indefinite Transitors… let me live vicariously through you! Go. See. Photograph. And report back!

Comment on this post with your favorite Armory show visuals! Send pictures and I will post your responses!

Here is some info straight off the Armory Show Website. All images posted (including the elegant header) are courtesy of the Armory Show’s Website. (I am going out of town this weekend, so please excuse me from not reporting and documenting in person. I just wanted to let you all know about this very cool event.)

This is totally an Indefinite Transit weekend event and I highly recommend you ALL tag along!


One Response to “Fine Art & Waterfronts: The Armory Show Comes to Town.”
  1. chalida says:

    I’ve never much understood art without the help of an explanation. Today was no different. Though one cannot deny that the trip was worth the while. The positivity, the admiration and the ease of striking up conversation proved to me that although the large majority including myself no nothing of art it still has an important roll in our contemporary society and that ultimately brought a smile to my face.

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