Ok, We’ve Had Some Work Done…And WE LIKE IT! Check out our New Banner! ALSO: WE PRESENT TOMORROW! YIKES!

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Tomorrow we are presenting at the 37th Annual Dean’s Undergraduate Research Conference at NYU. Our presentation is titled: “Indefinite Transit – A Multi-Media Adventure,” — Yes, it’s ALL about this ‘ere blog, which will soon become a travel show! Yay! We are presenting at the conference because the lovely DURF (Dean’s Undergraduate Research Fund) gave us grant money to buy special wireless microphones to help make this whole thing possible. We are eternally grateful – and they want to see a return on their investment, thus we must present. I’m putting together a nice little speech that will be accompanied by nice visuals – with yes, AMAZING AUDIO. Haha, but really. It will be great. We had to make it a little more formal than we usually are, but as it is a scholarly research conference, it fits the program.

Tomorrow, following the presentation, I will post my speech and the video that goes along with it.

Come by if you have a chance! It is again, tomorrow, Friday at 12pm-2pm at the Jurow Lecture Hall in the Silver Center at NYU. It is 100 Washington Sq. Park and I am 5th in my group (out of 7), so I expect to start speaking probably at the latter part of that time slot. The topic that I fall under is: “New York City: Long-standing Challenges and Dynamic Change.” 

Me thinks Indefinite Transit speaks to that, right??

Ok! I’m off to put the polishing touches on my presentation and GET SOME SLEEP!

Hopefully I will see some of you Indefinite Transitors tomorrow at our little speech.


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“Good Night and Good Luck”


2 Responses to “Ok, We’ve Had Some Work Done…And WE LIKE IT! Check out our New Banner! ALSO: WE PRESENT TOMORROW! YIKES!”
  1. Edwin says:

    Actually rare to find well-informed persons within this topic, however you sound like you no doubt know exactly what you are preaching about! Bless you

  2. Inge says:

    Really enjoy the new look. I really liked this article. Credit for a useful article.

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