Ok, We’ve Had Some Work Done…And WE LIKE IT! Check out our New Banner! ALSO: WE PRESENT TOMORROW! YIKES!

….OR…. Tomorrow we are presenting at the 37th Annual Dean’s Undergraduate Research Conference at NYU. Our presentation is titled: “Indefinite Transit – A Multi-Media Adventure,” — Yes, it’s ALL about this ‘ere blog, which will soon become a travel show! Yay! We are presenting at the conference because the lovely DURF (Dean’s Undergraduate Research Fund) … Continue reading

Almost, Nearly there, Keep Pushing!!! Ok, I have big NEWS.

  Guys, Lovely Indefinite Transit followers – we are almost there! Forty-Five more views and we will have 3,000 all time views to the blog! I know, in comparison to some other blogs out there, we are small, but we are growing! Help push out the site and lets work to get our 45 views … Continue reading

Entrepreneur Q&A: ZeShan Malik, Co-founder and Creative Director of Melee Media.

A little business; a little creativity…. that is what we like here at Indefinite Transit. We sat down and talked to ZeShan Malik, a young entrepreneur (he is 25 years old! Impressive, no?), who started his own company this past summer. Malik – co-founder and Creative Director of Melee Media – describes his agency as … Continue reading

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