Indefinite Transit Photo(s) of the Day: Biking in Verrrrrry Cute Dresses and Lipstick.

I love personal style. And I especially love a sense of personal style on two wheels.

Like that of this girl Francesca, who makes me want to work harder, so I may also look this effortlessly cool. (I was wearing workout clothes as I snapped these pics from my bike and my internal monologue was going a mile-a-minute: “why aren’t I wearing wedges?”, “and a yellow dress?!”, “and why am I not wearing my bright shade of lipstick?!!”….. Well, you get the picture – I think Francesca looks great. Let me finally show her to you so you can also revel in her chic-whilst-cycling cuteness!

Like the biking stalker that I am, I took these preliminary shots before I had seen the entirety of the outfit. I know I have to stop photographing while biking, but…..


I am a biking stalker.


And I like to endanger my life in the process of documenting great bike fashions, or other notable sights while I bike around town.

Then I stopped her and took some proper shots after I hit the breaks and got to look at the full beauty of this look. I tried to keep her, even when the lights turned green, but she was going home after what I imagine was a long day, so the next couple shots were taken at a couple of different stoplights down E. 10th Street through the East Village. However, Francesca was very acquiescent, so I must thank her for letting me take these photographs.


Francesca has great taste in lip color. I wonder what shade/ brand it is? It was perfectly matte, which is important when riding, because dust, or bugs sometimes like to get stuck on one's glossed up lips when zipping through the air.

I love the pattern of this scort-dress. It must be vintage. [On another note: look, that guy behind her also likes to use the phone while biking. However, I do recommend and encourage a hands-free cord situation for prolonged phone conversations while biking. It’s safer. That said, we all (three of us, me included) clearly don’t like to use helmets, so I really shouldn’t speak much about bike safety…]


Blasted bus got in my shot, but I like her smile nonetheless. Look at her espadrille wedges – so cute!

After some research, (and a hint, hint from my friend Jasmine Enberg) I found out that this dress is vintage Marimekko. Love the pattern, love the bright colors, love the cut.


Once more without the bus. Thank you Francesca for letting me play Paparazzi!

Once we got to Ave A, she turned right and was gone. But I will always remember this outfit. Loves it. She is a great representation of what stylish cycling can (and should) be! It’s all so “Indefinite Transit”…… 😉

I’m going to channel her tomorrow when my bike and I hit the city streets!


Oh, and P.S. On the subject of cool cycling fashions, check out his awesome rain jacket made by this lady, Ann DeOtte, in Seattle! She and her new small biking-made-stylish business, Iva Jean, are up to win a Small Business Daily Candy Prize. Go to the Website and vote for her!


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