Indefinite Transit Photo(s) of the Day: Abandoned Ponies and Written Niceties in the LA Sand…

So, I’m in Los Angeles for the week, which is where I was born and where my parents still live, For the past four years my mother has upheld a wonderful tradition of walking on the beach every morning before work, or before she starts her weekend days. I try to go with her as much as I can when I’m here, but if I don’t go every time it is because she does this at 6AM weekdays and at 7AM on weekends. So, I will admit, I don’t usually make it up that early for the most part, but when I do, it is undoubtedly an amazing experience. Not only do I wake by the sea, but the salt air immediately jump-starts my senses and I feel ready to go, fueled for the rest of the day.

The walk lasts for 45 MIN on weekdays and one hour on weekends and I never fail to find something great to photograph along the way.

This time I found this:


I used to play with My Little Ponies all the time when I was little – but I would have never forsaken mine like this!

Next, I wish I could write like this in the sand!




So here: some LA moments, brought to you by Indefinite Transit.


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