Men & Ladies in Uniform – Downtown Manhattan Action

The other day I saw these blue-uniformed men and women, almost solemnly, making their way even further downtown in the Financial District, protesting for, – from what I gathered from the Police officer manning the cross-walk – were higher wages and benefits. I will say, this was more of a march than a protest. They … Continue reading

VIDEO: “Golden Unicorn” – Indefinite Transit, Episode 4.

“Golden Unicorn” – Indefinite Transit, Episode 5. from Indefinite Transit on Vimeo. Golden Unicorn is a great Dim Sum place on 18 E. Broadway in Chinatown, NY. Dim Sum is like Chinese brunch and it is delicious! Bring a large group, or come on your own to explore new culinary delights. Saturdays and Sundays, starting … Continue reading

Thank You Guys!! 3,000 All Time Views! Let’s Make it 3,500 by Next Week ;)

Danke Schön!!!! Gracias!! Obrigada!! Merçi les enfants!!!! Thank you all so much!! Now let’s keep going! Come visiting back for more posts! As I referenced in my last post, I am very busy editing the content for the upcoming travel show! Yes – video – lots and LOTS of video on some of the (I … Continue reading

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