DO GOOD: WE GOOD! You are Cordially Invited….To do a great thing! #WEGOODWEDNESDAYS

My friend Colin Harris-McTigue + and friends are organizing an amazing monthly fundraiser – and what will surely also be an amazing monthly party – to raise money for Danilo, the pizza boy at Gnocco (on E 1oth in b/w Ave A & B) who needs an opertation!…..and the kick-off event is tomorrow at No … Continue reading

Indefinite Transit Photo of the Day: Romantic Summer Nights, alla LES.

Antibes Bistro. Suffolk St, LES New York.

Indefinite Transit does Nairobi, Kenya: Giraffe Manor

JUMBO! (Hello, in Swahili) Indefinite Transit is in Africa! Nairobi, Kenya to be exact and we are staying for a night in Giraffe Manor – this amazing estate built in the ’30s and transformed in the ’70s into a Giraffe and warthog sanctuary by British expats, Betty and Jock Leslie-Melville. We are a bit jet-lagged, … Continue reading

Indefinite Transit is Going to Africa!

Yes we are. I am very excited to announce the newest adventure/venture/direction of Indefinite Transit. We love city travel, and we, in the future hope to bring you much more on New York and other amazing international cities in the future, but right now we are turning our attention to our documentary series – bringing … Continue reading

Indefinite Transit Outfit of the Week: Home Depot + White Lace = 4th of July!

You know it’s summer in New York City when whimsical white lace cut-out dresses enter the scene. And it’s all about legs, legs, legs. I especially like when legs are paired with leg elongating heels. But it’s not like the lovely Mary-Beth has problems in the long leg department. Loves it. It was 4th of … Continue reading

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