Bill Cunningham the Legend – Documented. Available for 2 Weeks at the Film Forum.

Bill Cunningham New York – A Documentary.

First Thought Films/Zeitgeist Films

On Wednesday, March 16th will debut the American Theatrical release of the long-awaited documentary on the iconic New York Times street fashion photo-journalist, Bill Cunningham. The film, directed by Richard Press, is a project that took the filmmaker more than a decade to launch into fruition. Since 2000, Press has been coaxing Cunningham to let himself be filmed for this documentary, but the photographer was persistently resistant until 2008, after which filming began. Press went about filming in the way that Cunningham photographs on the street – discretely and relentlessly.Cunningham, at 82, is one of the hardest working reporters in New York – he works from 7AM to mid-night everyday, and gets around everywhere on a bike.

Still from "Bill Cunningham New York."

(We LOVE THIS!) Besides having worked at The Times for the past three decades, Cunningham currently produces a weekly multi-media fashion column. He has also been on the scene for so long that Cunningham he has celebrity and society archives ranging back 40-50 years. Despite multiple attempts, he refuses to cut an art, or book deal. His resistance towards branding himself and taking a greater income – which he says (in the trailer) limits his creative freedom – is what makes the man such an enigma.

Richard Press (right) and producer Philip Gefter.

With cinematographer Tony Cenicola – who is also a staff photographer for The Times – and support from producer Philip Gefter, Press followed the street fashion photographer around for two years, with no production crew, all around New York to maximize their chances to get into the photographer’s inner circle. They even followed Cunningham to Paris fashion week, despite his asking them not to. But Press’ persistence paid off.

The documentary is already getting great reviews from people in the industry and is said to give a very intimate portrait of the man in the bright blue jacket.

This is what The New York Times Movie Review had to say about it today: Capturing ‘Look at Me’ Milieu with Impish Modesty.

The “Lens” Blog at The New York Times Magazine also had some nice things to say about the film and the notoriously independent and private Cunningham. Read that here.

Indefinite Transit is certainly going!

Watch the trailer here:

Buy the tickets here: Tickets at The Film Forum.

(Quick! The 6:20PM showing on Friday March 18th is already sold out!)

For more information, go to: Bill Cunningham New

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