Indefinite Transit Outfit of the Week: Corner of Lafayette and Broome. It’s all about the Pants….

So I died when I saw this outfit. First of all, the woman wearing it exuded so much elegant confidence it was like she had her own chill swagger going on, but zero pretentious. Secondly, this woman’s figure is the essential form for this particular outfit. She knows how to dress her body and rock … Continue reading

Indefinite Transit Outfit of the Week: Rooftop at the MET

Here is our Indefinite Transit of the week. What immediately drew me to this outfit was how cool and effortless the girl wearing it looked. And it was NOT cool outside. It was hot. Really hot; and this girl did not look hot and bothered. Her dress is tailored, yet effervescent – it flowed. Maybe … Continue reading

Fashion Show in LES: Fashion Forward

A fashion show organized by all of the shops in the LES area, between Orchard and Ludlow is providing an outdoor fashion show street side for the passing public debuting 48 different looks from several of the shops on these blocks. I just happened upon it today, Saturday May 21st, and learned that it just … Continue reading

Terence Koh – Cool Outfit for a Whole Foods Stroll.

Yesterday while hitting up Whole Foods for a mid-afternoon snack – which then turned into an hour-long shopping excursion – I was visually hit up by a vision of white that preceded the night’s eventual snow-fall. My vision was this man: Terence Koh. A visual and installation artist, Koh designed his ENTIRE outfit. Including his … Continue reading

Bill Cunningham the Legend – Documented. Available for 2 Weeks at the Film Forum.

Bill Cunningham New York – A Documentary. First Thought Films/Zeitgeist Films On Wednesday, March 16th will debut the American Theatrical release of the long-awaited documentary on the iconic New York Times street fashion photo-journalist, Bill Cunningham. The film, directed by Richard Press, is a project that took the filmmaker more than a decade to launch … Continue reading

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