Barack Obama is at Marcus Samuelsson’s Harlem Eatery, Red Rooster, TODAY! Like, NOW!

O'bamyyyy. Photo: Courtesy of Google Images Search.


Even though security is tight, you might catch a glimpse of our Presidente, Señor Barack Obama at Marcus Samuelsson’s Harlem Eatery, Red Rooster Harlem…right about now, actually. ‘Bams is attending an über-private (I’m sure Samuelsson loves ‘dis) six-table luncheon/fundraising event – from $30,800 a plate – at Red Rooster today. It started at 2:30 PM, me thinks – and it is already getting a lot of press.

Read more about the event at: DNA

Marcus Samuelsson and his Executive Chef Andrea Bergquist in front of Red Rooster. Photo Courtesy of Daniel Krieger for The New York Times.

Read the full NY Times restaurant review, written by Sam Sifton, here.

The restaurant, which is located at Lenox Avenue between W. 125th and W. 126th streets, opened late last fall – Indefinite Transit covered the ‘friends and family tasting’ before it actually opened to the public.  See that post, which includes lots of photographs of the opening, here.

The collaboration with Mr. El Presidente and Samuelsson is not surprising; it was Samuelsson’s team after all that won the bid to cook at the White House for the Indian Prime Minister’s dinner back in the fall of 2010. His team was the first “outside” cooking team – apart from the White House’s cooking staff – to cook at the White House. It was all part of the Obamas’ initiative to make the White House a more open place.

So, if any of you are up around Harlem, go and check out the commotion! Report back… comment on the post, send me pics, and maybe we’ll post them!




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