Almost, Nearly there, Keep Pushing!!! Ok, I have big NEWS.


45 more for 3000!

Guys, Lovely Indefinite Transit followers – we are almost there! Forty-Five more views and we will have 3,000 all time views to the blog! I know, in comparison to some other blogs out there, we are small, but we are growing! Help push out the site and lets work to get our 45 views by the end of the month! I will reward you all with behind-the-scenes stills from the show’s Intro-shoot which we are filming next weekend! All very exciting stuff.

We – the company – are getting ready for the big launch in mid-May. We are aiming for May 18th, to be exact, which yes, coincides with my NYU graduation AND the launch PARTAYYY for Indefinite Transit. As the days go on, you will start to see the site under-go some major changes. We will start to upload regular video, photo-shoots and a ton, and I mean a TON of curated content. We are hard at work here getting our episodes under way. Oh yea, I didn’t tell you – Indefinite Transit will soon become a webisode city-guide travel show exploring themes like Food, Art, Culture, Fashion, Adventure, and most importantly, FUN in the cities in which we live! That’s been our intention all along, but I’ve been working on producing stuff that was worth your while. I promise it won’t disappoint. As you can maybe tell, New York is our pilot city! Stay tuned to learn more. Book mark this page, tweet about it, facebook it, RSS us! Everything!!

I will offer you a teaser though: Our first six episodes, will be about: two very different art galleries in Manhattan,(1,2); another will be on a great man who lives on E. 7th Street,(3); the next will be on a business who likes to have fun in the back,(4); and the last two are on an unexpected water-front adventure (5); and where to get your dumplings (6) –  though not necessarily in that order.

Here are some teaser stills!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Stay tuned Indefinite Transiters and let the sneak peaks begin! To find about the locations pictured briefly in this slide show, stay tuned for upcoming episodes… and not necessarily in that order!

A couple of weeks before the launch party, we will give away tickets to the site’s official launch party – at one of our favorite haunts in the city – to the first 10 Indefinite Transit readers who comment back on this and some of the following posts to come!

Remember to follow me – the editor and show host – on twitter for more immediate updates: @AndreaFPagliai.

So, May 18th. SAVE THE DATE & let’s get to 3000 views and MORE!

Most importantly: COMMENT! I’d love to know what you all think. Which episodes are you most excited about??



2 Responses to “Almost, Nearly there, Keep Pushing!!! Ok, I have big NEWS.”
  1. Caecilie says:

    This is exactly something I need to do more research into, thanks for the article.

  2. Reggie says:

    Where is the facebook like button ?

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