Indefinite Transit Outfit of the Week: Home Depot + White Lace = 4th of July!


White Lace in the Summer Time.

You know it’s summer in New York City when whimsical white lace cut-out dresses enter the scene. And it’s all about legs, legs, legs. I especially like when legs are paired with leg elongating heels. But it’s not like the lovely Mary-Beth has problems in the long leg department. Loves it.

It was 4th of July and Mary-Beth was shopping at the Home Depot when I spotted her around the grill section with two of her friends; they were clearly preparing for the festivities. The lighting in the Home Depot is not the greatest, (I was buying light bulbs ironically enough) so I didn’t approach her whilst in store.

However, when we each exited the orange gates of the home repair/decor/prettymucheverythingelse wonderland at the same time, I couldn’t help but seize the opportune moment.

Mary-Beth has clearly done this before. Yes, she has probably put together tons of Indefinite Transit worthy outfits over the years, but the point I’m getting at is that girl knows how to take a photograph! And she is a pleasure to snap at.

I love this stark white shade that jumps off her skin and how she played with contrasts in color, texture, and print when accessorizing this outfit with her shoes and bag. It really works. The color palate brings the green out in her eyes; yes this girl is beautiful.

And she looks so comfortable in her own skin, which just exudes confidence.

What do you guys think of the look?

Comment; share your thoughts. What did you guys wear on 4th of July?


Work it.


Work it more.


Tyra would be proud.


<– Smile with the eyes.



















She is beckoned by her friends...


Her friends were like: "Stop getting photographed for a sec and help us!"



Loading the Grill in the car. I feel like she was going to CT, but I don't know.
















I love this bag. It feels very vintage Gucci, before they gilded evvverything.


I feel like the shoes might be Jeffrey Campbell.


So beautiful.

Let me know your thoughts and 4th of July Adventures!!


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  1. derrylwc says:

    Dope shoes

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