Indefinite Transit is Going to Africa!

Going to Kenya, Rwanda, & Tanzania!

Yes we are. I am very excited to announce the newest adventure/venture/direction of Indefinite Transit. We love city travel, and we, in the future hope to bring you much more on New York and other amazing international cities in the future, but right now we are turning our attention to our documentary series – bringing the excursion to you!

The first in the series will be a Safari in Africa. We will go to Kenya, Rwanda, and Tanzania. Each country will offer different experiences – in Kenya we will be in Giraffe Manor, a place where homie giraffes can stick their heads in the windows.

Rwanda will deliver an opportunity of a life time: trekking to find and chill with the rarest of the gorillas, the Silverback mountain gorillas. They are endangered and can be found only in Rwanda and Uganda.

Tanzania will offer another slew of amazing Safari adventures, but what is really special is that we will see it before the infamous Serengeti dividing highway is built. This is a much talked about subject and this might be one of the last great migrations that happens without it.


Oh yes. The great migration, you know… What happens in the Lion King… All that “Circle of Life Bullshit,” well, it’s not bullshit. We are actually going to see it! Wildebeests stampeding, gazelles leaping, lions staring lazily, while the hard-working lionesses go out and hunt. Yes, all of the above.

There is a strict rule about not getting out of the jeep whilst safariing, but i’d personally like to meet Scar. Or Mufasa. He was cool. I think Simba and Nala are far to jaded now and are probably in Zanzibar sipping on whisky… Or maybe something fruity. Who knows. Hope I meet Simon and Pumba; though I will stand far away from him.

Before I get more carried away with this Lion King metaphor – because I could really go on forever – I want to tell you guys to expect.

As far as I know, we may have limited internetz access, but he second we do, we will post and keep you in the mix, bring you our travel log, photo-log, and video-log of the trip!

So, who is WE?

Well, normally I travel alone, or meet up with amazing neighborhood insiders, but this time I’m taking my family with me. Each one of us is more crazy than the next, so I know it will make for good TV; or Web-Video to be more precise ;).

My youngest brother Stefano Pagliai will fill the role of devoted camera-man. We are going to have a mAAAAjor training sesh on the London->Nairobi flight, but we will make it work.

I am rushing to finish writing these words – I am on the plane, about to take off from NYC’s JFK to London’s Heathrow Airport where I will meet up with the family.

I’m getting more excited by the minute! We are taxiing!! I’m thinking: Hemingway, Out of Africa, Jane Goodall.

Until the next hot-spot, Peace!!! Finally, after a couple of months, I get to trans-Atlanticly flex the passport a little bit.

With love!



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