Thank You Guys!! 3,000 All Time Views! Let’s Make it 3,500 by Next Week ;)

Danke Schön!!!! Gracias!! Obrigada!! Merçi les enfants!!!!

3,000!!! Yay!!!

Thank you all so much!! Now let’s keep going! Come visiting back for more posts! As I referenced in my last post, I am very busy editing the content for the upcoming travel show! Yes – video – lots and LOTS of video on some of the (I think) coolest, yet refreshingly unpretentious destinations in NYC!

To reward you all for coming back to the site and making our 45 visit goal accomplished in less than 3 days (!) I am posting this funny video I took on my iPhone the other day.

In a city that is always under construction –

((Ok, I know how Sex in the City this lede sentence is, but come’on – what girl sitting at her computer writing about the Big City [insert breathy/wispy voice here], is NOT going to channel some type of C.Bradshaw hyperbole ridden intro))

– it is worth highlighting an experience when the obtrusive and frankley annoying road repairs give something back to the city-slicker apart from a well-ish paved street, which will probably be torn up again, come next election period. (Actually, no diss intended for Mr. Bloomberg – I’m down with the man: he likes bike lanes, I like bike lanes: we’re buddies.) There has been construction on my street since I moved in this passed January (!), so I have to try to find some humor in it – especially when they start with the drilling (what’s that annoying piece of equipment’s name?! Can’t believe I’ve forgotten the name of that blasted thing) and the steam roller at 7am.

So, when I see this kind of thing, it makes it all worth it. Kinda. I’ll leave you top decide.


It’s definitely an Indefinite Transit moment…. We’ll it’s definitely a moment….

Have you had any out of the ordinary/ funny construction experiences? Tell me about them! Comment here and don’t forget to follow me on Twitter: @AndreaFPagliai.



2 Responses to “Thank You Guys!! 3,000 All Time Views! Let’s Make it 3,500 by Next Week ;)”
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  2. Nick Assael says:

    I just wanted to say, I surely enjoyed your blog post and I added your link to my wordpress blog today as a recommended site. This is the blog I was looking for! Thanks

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