Live Blogging from the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic

Ok kids: so it turns out I was able to change my flight so I could attend the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic, today, June 5th, 2011. Playing today, will be Argentinian Polo star, Nacho Figueras, who is also the face of Ralph Lauren as well as Lauren’s perfume “Romance” with his wife Delfina Figueras-Blaquier. See … Continue reading

This is What You Will Do This Sunday, June 5th: That is, if you are not allergic to horses and like the whole Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic thing…

Well, I love the whole Polo thing and I can’t believe I am going to miss it AGAIN this year! Last year, the 27th, day right before my birthday (hint, hint 😉 and I was already out of town; this year, the exact day I go out of town. Pfffff. But, I don’t want all … Continue reading

Adventure (?) Culture (?): East Village Bike Shops; Winners and Losers.

    I, Andrea Pagliai, am feeling kinda foolish… I keep convincing myself that there is something off with my bike. On Monday, I said to myself, “Kia” (that’s her name) is riding funny; it must be because the tires are too flat. So, I went to the bike shop to fill them up with … Continue reading

Breaking News/Adventure(?): C4 Military-Grade Explosives Found in the East Village

So, Indefinite Transit is not really meant to be a breaking news forum, but because our home is in Manhattan’s East Village, we couldn’t resist.     According to CNN, a black garbage bag with 8 bricks of C4 military-grade explosives were just found along the back fence of  the New York Marble Cemetery in … Continue reading

Sunday – New Fall Day; New Adventure: New Amsterdam Market!

Ok, so I hope I am not wearing you guys out with these fun market excursions – of course, how would that even be possible? Good eats, good times, good souvenirs? – its a no brainer!     So, for Sunday, I have another market place to explore which is the New Amsterdam Market, located … Continue reading

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